About Us

History of LUXE lubricants in the market started in the 90's, when the car fleet of our country was growing rapidly. Foreign cars rushed into the Russian Federation, domestic cars production was at its peak, trade turnover, passenger and freight transport market was also on the rise, and there was a strong need for quality equipment maintenance. This period was the starting point for the LUXOIL brand creation.

JSC "Pushkinsky Factory" became a production site, and this allowed applying all the experience and advanced developments of one of the largest lubricant manufacturers in the former Soviet Union. For the first time in Russia, TQM (Total Quality Management) system has been developed and successfully implemented for making LUXOIL products, which fully complies and exceeds the ISO 9001-1994 standard applicable at that time. Due to continuous upgrade of production facilities and implementation of new quality control system, LUXOIL-branded oils have quickly gained leading positions in the market.

LUXOIL was rebranded in 2008 to introduce a new LUXE brand for its products in the market. LUXE lubricants meet modern requirements of the automotive industry and incorporate advanced technologies of the world oil and chemical industries.

The decades of experience in production and trading activity has triggered the development of the LUXE lubricants for servicing heavy machinery, including:
CARGOS - a group of engine oils with improved neutralization of combustion gases;
HYDROS - a line of highly refined hydraulic oils with 100% filterability
HYDROS EXCEL - a series of high quality ashless hydraulic oils;
TRANSSOL - a category of transmission oils which includes products for mechanical and automatic transmission gears, as well as TO-4 class multifunctional oils;
AGROS - a group of tractor oils for agricultural machinery, allowing to minimize stock balances and optimize the range of lubricants consumed;
GEARPLUS - a line of gear oils for industrial transmission gears and gearboxes exposed to extreme loads.

Careful selection of base oils and additive packages of the world's leading chemical concerns, as well as control of all production stages, allows ensuring and maintaining a consistently high quality of the entire range of oils and special fluids.

The use of specialized LUXE lubricants for heavy machinery and industrial equipment eliminates breakdowns of assemblies and mechanisms due to inconsistencies in physical and chemical characteristics.